Professionally performed electrolysis safely and permanently eliminates unwanted hair from the breasts and other sensitive areas with unsurpassed results.  Consistency is the key to success.

Do women ever have electrolysis treatments on their breasts?

Yes, this is a very common area of unwanted hair for women of all ages.  However, the subject is seldom discussed, as most women find it extremely difficult to talk about.  Electrolysis treatments can safely and permanently remove breast hairs.  Hairs around the nipple can be safely removed as well;  it is not unusual to have hair growing from the areola.

Does it hurt there?

While the breasts are sensitive to touch, they are not so sensitive to the sensation of electrolysis treatments.  Most women are highly motivated to have the hair on their breasts removed and tolerate the treatments quite well.

I've been tweezing for a long time and also have some ingrown hairs. How many treatments will it take?

Tweezing does cause hairs to become coarser over time and it hides the true amount of hair you have.  All the hairs must grow out before they can be permanently removed, so it is impossible for the electrologist to tell you exactly how many treatments you will need.  Repeated tweezing and shaving (as well as tight clothing in the area) can contribute to hairs being trapped beneath the skin.  These ingrown hairs can successfully be eliminated with electrolysis and, in time, will alleviate any irritation you may have experienced.  Be sure to follow your electrologist's recommended schedule of treatments.  This is essential in achieving permanency as quickly as possible.  Consistency is the key to success.

Are temporary methods of hair removal better for the bikini line?

Chemical depilatories (liquids or creams) are often used to remove body hair.  These products contain chemicals which irritate the skin and can be time-consuming and messy.  Likewise, bleaches contain harsh chemicals (which also irritate skin) and do little to disguise dark hair.  Waxing is yet another temporary method of hair removal where hot wax is applied to the skin and, once it has dried over the skin/hair, the wax is swiftly removed, pulling out the hair (and occasionally tearing skin), which can be quite painful.  Home waxing kits are available, but they can be messy and difficult to use, and just as uncomfortable.

The total number of treatments needed to remove hair from a particular area will vary from person to person, regardless of method.  Remember, the methods listed above are only temporary and the hair will return -- and in most cases, the hair will return thicker and more coarse over time.  With electrolysis, however, each treatment session is one step closer to permanent hair removal of an area.  Most clients return once a week or every other week as needed, with sessions lasting from between 15 minutes to an hour or more.  And the unwanted hair will be gone forever once the series of treatments is complete.