About ME


I regret to report that Amy Estes has decided to retire from her electrolysis practice. After time and careful consideration, Amy has concluded that her medical issues are forcing her to forgo the career that has been so abundantly rewarding. She is profoundly grateful for the support and dedication of her clientele. She will miss them greatly, however, it is time for her to start a new chapter. I wish her much luck, prosperity and happiness in her new journeys.

My name is Amanda Mauch and I am most grateful for Amy's endorsement and the opportunity to help her clients achieve their goals of permanency. As a colleague and friend, Amy has shared a great deal of trade acquired knowledge and I am delighted to carry on the legacy of Bella Fiore Electrolysis and everything she has worked so hard to establish. 

As a graduate of the esteemed Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology, I am pleased to provide a high quality standard of service and care since 2011. Conveniently located between Interstate 5 and Highway 99, you will find the serene, cleanly environment of our medspa to be an ideal setting for your comfortable treatment.


Licensure & Standards

  • Licensed by the State of California and regulated by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.
  • Proficient in all three modalities:  galvanic, low level thermolysis, and blend.
  • I use only pre-sterilized, single use disposable probes for each and every client, for each and every treatment, and I use only medical grade disposable gloves.
  • I strictly adhere to the CDC standards for sterilization and sanitation, including the use of a dry heat sterilizer, and follow all protocols for prevention of infection and/or injury.
  • I utilize a state of the art epilator, which also allows for manual operation -- epilator adjustments can be made for your comfort level.
  • Located in a beautiful medspa with plenty of off street parking.
  • Flexible appointments to fit your schedule.
  • I offer a private consultation appointment so we can discuss your needs and determine the best treatment plan tailored especially for you.  This consultation is offered free of charge and you are under no obligation to start treatment.